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7 years ago I remember walking into my university’s book shop and having a heart attack when a calculator I needed for my course costed more than my rent!

Ever since, we have been providing an affordable solution to students and professionals alike for their business, accounting, finance and CFA examination needs.

Our promise at Cheap Calculators:

Cheap Calculators
To be honest, we should have probably changed our name to “Cheapest Calculators” – but nobody likes a show-off! So instead you can rely on our lowest price promise – we shall beat the price of any comparable retailer in New Zealand. We break our price promise, you break our price, promise!

Customer First
Our goal is to provide the best value to the consumer. This means genuine products at the lowest prices, delivered to you on time using our flexible shipping options. Check out our 99+% feedback rating on TradeMe and buy with confidence!

1 Year Warranty
Picture this – you’re knee deep in that NPV calculation practice problem… and your calculator suddenly stops working! Fortunately, we have you covered with our 1 year replacement warranty on ALL our orders. So you can focus on what matters! Your study and preparation.